Family, Technology, And Safety Essay

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Many things have changed from 1928 to present day, although many things still remain the same after these many years. While reading Dandelion Wine I really enjoyed being able to see these differences and similarities throughout the story. Some major aspects include family, technology, and safety. In 1928 it was common to spend a lot of time together as a family. One of the many traditions in Dandelion Wine would be them gathering as a family. In Dandelion Wine, Tom and Douglass spend parts of their days helping grandfather pick dandelions (Bradbury 13). After they pick them, grandfather presses them making Dandelion Wine. They make a bottle each day of summer, so that in the winter they will have plenty and be able to have a taste of summer (page 14). My family also has traditions similar to these. Every year the weekend after Thanksgiving all the girls in my family get together and make Christmas cookies up north. This is always a lot of fun and I look forward for this every year. Another tradition we have before Christmas the other side of my family all get together and make Rock Candy. This is one of my favorite traditions because my whole extended family gets together and I do not get to see them very often. I enjoy being able to spend time with them and do something that I enjoy. Throughout Dandelion Wine there were many reoccurrence of family time. It was a major part of peoples day back in 1928. I think that this is still very relevant today. Many times through…

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