Essay Family Systems and Virginia Satir

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Family Systems and Virginia Satir


The below essay is exploring Family Systems and Family Therapy and in relation to that it is looking at Virginia Satir.
The first part is trying to define the term Family System itself. It gives a very brief overview on the characeristics of a family system and how such a system relates and co-relates to the enviorment. It also gives a short description of the dynamics and dimensions of family systems - cohesion and hierarchy.
The second part of this text is looking at Virginia Satir's view on the dynamics of a family system. It explains her thesis how the hierarchy or power structure in a family relates directly to the development of character in a person.
Virginia Satir is best
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As she worked out their relationship it occured to her again to ask the father in. In his presence the communication and behaviour of both, the mother and the daughter changed. It was in working through this process that Virginia Satir discovered the power of family therapy, the importance of communication in family interaction and the value of therapeutic validation in the process of change. (Gerald Corey, 2009, pg 415)

5) The Human Validation Process in Family Therapy

The human validation process emphasizes the collaborative efforts of therapist and family members to achive family “wellness” by releasing the potential viewed as inheritant in every family.
In other words, human validation is to respect and appreciate the potential of every member at all times, in particular important for younger members of a family.
The first step of human validation is to gain a healthy way of communicating with each other. The safe enviorment that family therapy is offering is opening the doors to listen and to talk to each other. Family members can learn how their responses effect others and how this in return effects themselves.
In the sessions clear and congruent communication is stressed at all times in order to maintain a balanced and nrturing family system.
The building of selfesteem is considerate essential if all members are to thrive as individuals and as part of the functional system.
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