Family Structure : The Hoover Family Essay

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Family Structure The Hoover family in Little Miss Sunshine has six primary family members. These family members are Richard (father), Sheryl (mother), Dwayne (eldest son), Olive (daughter), Frank Ginsberg (maternal uncle), and Grandpa Edwin (paternal grandfather). Each one of these characters are unique in their very own way. Richard is the father of the family and struggles to sell his self-help program. He is ambitious, a perfectionist and slightly anal. Sheryl is the mother and she is the voice of reason in the family. She is also loving and accepting. The eldest child, Dwayne, is the stereotypical, rebellious teenager whom is silent for a bulk of the movie due to a vow of silence. Frank is Sheryl’s brother and was a university professor/scholar but became suicidal after being shunned by one of his students. He now lives with the family. He is also kind of a realist. Olive is the youngest child and is the center of the movie. She is a beauty pageant contestant with dreams of one day being becoming Miss California. Grandpa Edwin is an elder war vet that is addicted to heroin. He is a vulgar, sarcastic man but is wise none the less. Each family member has their own role in the family. Sheryl seems to be the head of the family while Richard is more of the motivator. Sheryl also seems to be the breadwinner. Dwayne is the rebellious son while olive is the baby. The grandpa is like the default caretaker for olive, which makes the very close. Frank is new to the family unit…

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