Family Structure Of Two Parents And Their Children Living Essay

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The traditional family structure of two parents and their children living in a home was a short lived experience for me during my childhood. The majority of my childhood I lived in a single parent household with my biological mother and older half-brother. Although my mother and father were married for 16 years there were a few times, off and on, during my early childhood that my biological father also lived in the home with us for short periods of time. I have recollection of my mother having three different long term relationships with other men during my childhood she then remarried a man when I was in my early twenties. I was never fond of the men that my mother was involved in relationships with including her current husband. Although the relationship that I did have with my father was minimal and non-existent a large majority of my childhood he was my father and the only man that I referred to as my dad. I did not view these other men as a father or a significant part of my life. My brother and I had what I would call a typical older brother younger sister relationship. We had our share of arguments and sibling fights yet we always looked out for one another when we were young. It is much different now, I have a minimal relationship with my mother and I have no relationship with my brother. My father passed away when I was fourteen years old, after I had not had any contact with him for four years prior to his death.
While my immediate family was small, I have a much…

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