Family Structure Of The Family Essay

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a. What is the structure of the family? Are the relationships open or closed, enmeshed, or distant? How did your parents get along with each other and their parents? How did you get along with parents and grand-parents? Define relationships with extended family.
Every family is unique in structure, relationship, and value. The traditional family structure involves a male and a female married to provide care and stability for the family and offspring. My family, however, did not follow the traditional pattern. My nuclear family consists of my biological father, step-mother, half-sister, my biological mother, step-father, and my brother. My dad and mother had a close relationship. However, the conflict rises as my father became an alcoholic. His addiction causes difficulty for him to kept his responsibility to provide for our family. He became abusive toward my mother and his drinking problem also lead him to gamble addiction. There were many arguments and fights which result in a divorce. Years later, both of them meet someone else and remarried. My father was the first between the two to get remarried and have a child a couple of year after the separation. My dad and his new wives are not as close due to age difference; he his twenty years older than her. But they were able to maintain their relationship until today. My mother, on the other hands, did not remarry until five years later. She married with an older man, who is approximately twenty years older than her, in June…

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