Family Structure Of The Black Men Essay

776 Words May 25th, 2016 4 Pages
Nowadays, children are growing up in homes where one parent is absent, particular the fathers and is commonly found among the African- American homes. Their absence has generated many female-headed household. African- American families consist of single-parent mothers than marriage homes with both parent and therefore cannot be recognized as a nuclear family (only truly healthy family system) because their family structure. This research is based on why African- American men are seen as absent in the family. According to the patriarchal rule child caring and parental Caregiving are responsibilities of women even though researchers show that raising children where both parents are present is healthy for the child. The acceptance of this teaching of the black men has made them believe that mothers care is more significant in a child’s life than a father’s care. This wrong notion has contributed to the absence of these black fathers in the home because they think their responsibility is just making babies but not taking care of them. Black men who do not completely heal from their childhood trauma are more than likely to inflict pain onto their children. As parents, when they see themselves following a similar path as their fathers by abandoning their children they are embarrassed and feel existing out of their child’s life is the best. Once again the patriarchal rules conveys to men their external work of the home is more significant than internal work at…

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