Essay about Family Structure Of A Family System

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Family Structure Concept
Structure by definition is described as “the arrangement of and relations between … parts or elements of something complex” ("Structure," n.d.). Therefore, we can presume that a family system is indeed a structure for it consists of members bound by biological, social or legal bonds. Furthermore, it is within a family structure that invisible rules organize the interactions of its members (Walsh, 2003; Walsh, 2013). Moreover, as with any structure its maintenance is essential, thus making each member a valuable asset to the intricate charge. There is also the influence of culture, a dynamic deeply ingrained within a family’s structure by way of societal norms or pre-established principles (Connell, 2010; Kin Wai, 1987; Walsh, 2003).
In dominant culture, the nuclear family composed of a married man and woman along with their biological children is commonly reinforced. However, various familial structures exist within society today. In addition to a family’s composition the quality of its structure is pertinent to its health. Structure is grounded on diverse conditions, yet pertaining to structural family theory one can elect amid key theoretical concepts of executive authority, subsystems, boundaries, rules, roles, alliances, triangles, flexibility and communication (Walsh, 2013). However, it is determined that the essential aspects of a family’s structure are its boundaries, subsystems and executive authority (Walsh, 2003). When a family…

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