Family Structure : My Family Essay

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Family Structure Looking at my genogram, I see that my family consists mainly as a traditional, nuclear family. My family came to American in the 1700s and 1800s. My grandparents and their grandparents grew up with a lot of siblings, so I have a bigger extended family than I have a close immediate family. I grew up in a structure that included my mom, dad, older sister (by 22 months), and maternal grandmother (Granny) in our home. Granny had Alzheimer’s, so we moved into her house when I was two. It was less than a tenth of a mile from my mom and dad’s house, so it wasn’t a big adjustment. Most of my friends either had a single parent, both parents, or were a blended family, so I grew up around what I thought was diverse family groups. My family has complex structures, and they get bigger and more complex when you start including members past the third generation. One of the more confusing structures in my immediate family would be my cousin Dawn. The maternal side of my family tends to have homeostasis year round; the paternal side of my family hasn’t even been close to balance in years. No one in my immediate family has been cut-off recently, but there were a few in the early 1900s. We are also very Southern and many of us are religious, which can be very confusing when looking at family members who decided not to be religious.
Life Cycle Fit Most of my immediate family fits into the same family life cycle. Even though my parents married later in life, they went through…

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