Family Stressors And Their Effects On Family Essay

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Family is made up of both strengths and stresses, families can’t have one without the other. Even the most dysfunctional families have some strengths that keep them united and the most united families have some stress. Let’s take the Kardashian for example, when Kim Kardashian West was gunpoint and was robbed jewelry worth nearly 9 million dollars, while that’s a big stress how her husband Kanye West reacted and walked off the stage in the middle of concert in Queen to check on her when he heard his wife has been robbed is a strength, it shows how they have a bond that could last. Family stressors are events that could happen in a family which lead to disaster. Some examples of events could be disease, unwanted birth, death and divorce. In general, family stresses start with something small, like when the husband start coming home late or when a family member leaves their dirty clothes everywhere, but if this little thing doesn’t get solved right away they will pile up and when it eventually comes out it breaks families into pieces.
Ellen Gulden, a character in a movie, finds out that her mother, Kate, is going to a major surgery diagnosed with cancer. After surgery, Kate moved back to her house. Ellen’s father, George, demands that Ellen should move back and take care of her mother while George decides to keep his career as a professor going. At this point, Ellen realizes that George has done little to help around the house. Dispute grows between Ellen and George, yet…

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