Essay about Family Stress And Coping Theory

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The “Family Stress and Coping Theory” explains why some families grow from stressful events and others deteriorate. The ABC-X Theory was created by Reuben Hill to explain how families react to stress. “A” represents the stressor, stressors include sudden events such as economic hardship, divorce, abuse, a family members abusing substances, and the like. The “B” is the internal and external family resources, such as a church or friends (families with better social structures and ties tend to fare better in stressful events). The “C” is the perception the family has on the stressor. Families with a more positive outlook--rather than dwelling on the event--usually cope better when faced with adversity. And finally, the “X” refers to family crisis and coping--if a family does not do well when faced with stress they may end up in a crisis (McDonald, 2013). Although there are other models that demonstrate family stress and coping theories, this is one of the most comprehensive ones and although it is rather old (1949), it remains relevant today. The “A”--stressors--can be categorized according to their; source, type,density, and duration. Type is external (natural disaster) or internal (having a child), that is it is without or within the family 's control (Boss, 2002; McCubbin & Patterson, 1983). Boss (2002) also presents the types as predictable, ambiguous, or within/without the family 's control. Duration is self explanatory in that it is either chronic or acute. And finally,…

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