Family Socialization And Family Communication

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2.7.1. Family Socialization issue
Socialization is another essential function and contents in the process of family communication both in the same and different family of cultural group (Keller, 1998). As, (Newman, 2006), mentioned the structural functionalist perspective point out that the fundamental task of any society is to reproduce itself, to create members whose behavior, desires. It also develop distinct orientation to social action which is characterized of families culture and society (Keller, et al., 1998) . These goals have corresponded to those that the particular society deems appropriate and desirable. According to Benokraitis;
“Through socialization children acquire language, absorb the accumulated knowledge, attitude, beliefs, and values of their culture, and learn the social and interpersonal skills they need if they are to function effectively in society (2014:64).”
Socialization is the process through which people are skilled to be capable members of a society. It describes the ways that people come to understand societal
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Family relationship issue
The family is the primary unit of society. As mentioned above, children are socialized into human society and into a culture's particular way of life, attitudes, principles and behaviors. That means family relation is also one of the core issues or major contents of family communication among families from different cultural groups. Family relationship mostly includes family structure, roles, dynamics and expectations. All culture recognize family relationship because no family without relationship. Olson said;
“All cultures recognize kinship, the relatedness of certain individuals within a group, and have norms and expectation that structure and govern kin behavior. The diversity of these of norms is wide ranging. These kinship concepts describe kinds of kinship groups and the norms that govern marital forms, family structure and organization, inheritance, authority, and residence”

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