Family Separation Of Single Parent Families Essay

2109 Words May 12th, 2016 null Page
The traditional belief of some people is that family consists of mother, father, and a child. Today in a 21st century the number of single parent families is unfortunately increasing. In the majority of cases, mother stays to raise children while father is temporarily or even frequently, permanently gone. Husbands, who leave their families put all problems and responsibilities on mother’s back. A lot of different factors like domestic violence, abuse, disloyalty or poverty play a role in a typical family separation. In this case these factors mostly do not play any role because men are dominant partners in relationship and the most common reason why they leave is because they are careless, selfish or just scared of responsibility. Eventually, single mothers are left unprotected and unsecured raising children and taking care of them. The person who suffers the most from any separation is a child because he or she automatically loses one parent to share a childhood with. Single mothers are in my opinion the heroes of any society in the world and their effort should never be neglected or disrespected. Single motherhood is one of the major issues that a lot of families have been facing recently. A single mother is according to a definition “an uncoupled individual who shoulders most or all of the day-to-day responsibilities for raising a child or children” (“Single Mother”, 2015). A mother is more often the parent who primarily gives a care in a single-parent family. Besides…

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