Family, School, And Environment : How Do They Affect The Student?

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Family, School, and Environment: How Do They Affect the Student? For this ethnographical project, I observed in a Pre-K classroom at a public, urban elementary school in Birmingham Alabama. I observed in this classroom for a total of twenty-five hours during the months of November and December. During my time, I participated in regular classroom activities, attended lunch and physical education class with the students, and interviewed both the lead teacher and the teaching assistant. The purpose of this ethnographic case study was to observe the effects of the surrounding neighborhood, the physical environment of both the classroom and the school as a whole, and the students’ socioeconomic status on student behavior and ability/desire to learn. The first thing I took note of during my observation was the surrounding community. I collected this information by taking a driving tour of the area and taking note of the things I passed on my way to the school every morning. This particular school is located in an older neighborhood of Birmingham. The streets are patchy and show signs of wear and tear. The area is mostly residential with a few major streets which are lined with businesses. The residential areas are comprised of old single family homes, some more run down or neglected than others, with few being completely abandoned and in very bad condition. The major roads in this neighborhood are lined with a mix of old buildings and gas stations. Most businesses are new ones…

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