Family Parenting Styles

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When it comes to family, there are basic structure and framework to a family and to fully understand a family as a whole or individual from a family, a good place to start would be to investigate the family dynamic and communication and that is where family schemata and parenting styles comes into place. Parenting styles and family schemata both complements each other, which in turn helps with the understanding a family dynamics, and communication pattern and they also contradict each other in the sense that typology is sort of a guidebook (theory) while parenting style is the action already being implemented in the family but, the implementation of what type of parenting style to use in the family spurred from the two basic framework that …show more content…
With conversation and conformity, we can be able to tell the family dynamics in the sense that a certain level of conversation or conformity in a family helps inform us on what parenting style the parents use or the family schema (dynamics). When investigating deeper family schema and parenting style, I discovered that the almost mirror each other in the sense that authoritarian family can protective parenting style, consensual typology can be authoritative parenting style, pluralistic typology can be permissive parenting style and last but not the least Laissez faire typology can be uninvolved …show more content…
Different family use different parenting styles in their household some might be effective while some might not but, the one thing that family schema and parenting style tries to emphasis on is that fostering conversation in the family especially between the children and parents and also parents getting involved with their children with maybe rules, obligations and etc. communication and conformity are the basic framework that both family schema and parenting style derives their differences from but based on what level that these both orientations are adjusted to, the differences in parenting styles and family typology would

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