Family Relationships And The Environment Essay

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There are many factors that together, create a wholesome well-rounded child and consequently a well-rounded student. Familial involvement as well as the environment has a heavy toll on a child’s development and their behaviors, which makes it important that both concepts are developmentally appropriate for the child. Home life is the foundation for everything, for it is a child’s first environment meaning they base other environments off of their home and their actions reflect that. With support, children can reach their full potential and that support falls under the umbrella of family and environment. Familial relationships and the environment have an affect on children and educators must be knowledgeable about the effect on the students. Family relationships and the environment in which a child is in at home can heavily affect the child in all aspects of development. Family relationships are an important concept for children because they act as models for healthy relationships in that child’s future. Now relationships do not automatically entail romances and that like, but also friendship and trust. If a child’s family relationships are positive, the child has a healthy model to emulate; children learn from their environment as well as through their genes (McDevitt & Ormrod, 2013). Healthy, positive relationships are loving, non violent, and nurturing. Child and parent relationships are also important. Having a good relationship parent-child relationship is important…

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