Family Relationships : A Healthy Relationship With Her Parents

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Overall, Shelby has a healthy relationship with both her parents. She went through some of the normal teenage angst, but never felt like she couldn’t come to her parents in a time of need. She talks to them daily about her life and now as an adult, asks them about their lives. As she gets older, her beliefs on religion and politics become more different from those of her parents, which can be a source of tension. However, they do their best to remain polite and open minded towards each other 's opinions.
Jenni’s relationship with her parents has changed throughout the years. Growing up, especially in her teenage years, she was very hostile towards Joe and Jennifer. She did not like the rules they put in place and rebelled against them. She resented her parents for taking away privileges and when she was 16, decided that she would run away and live with a friend. It took several years before they could all have a pleasant conversation together, but after Jenni had her first son Keagan, and her second son Jaxon a few years later, they all put aside their differences for the sake of the grandchildren.
Maggie currently has a strained relationship with her parents, but this could be due to the fact that she is still in the midst of her teenage years. She, like her oldest sister, does not appreciate many of the rules put in place by her parents and rebels against them. She often gets in loud arguments with them and does not go to them with problems in her…

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