Family Relations : The Family And Hearing Your Vision Of The Ideal Modern Family

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It was a pleasure to attend your conference on the family and hearing your vision of the “ideal modern family.” I also appreciate your contributions to the family scholarships because you were one of the first to see the importance of family dynamics in social context. Looking from the 1950s family perspective, the evidence that Robert Bales and you pointed out that nuclear families composed of a male breadwinner and a stay at home female was the ideal stable type of family. However, this straightforward structural definition was surrounded by a cloud of ambiguity and controversy. The nuclear family had not been the ideal form of family through history instead it was only prevalent in the 1950s due to social forces and industrialization. Recognizing the relationship between external social conditions and the way in which family life was organized was a great contribution but there are many limitations to your findings. Beginning in the 1960s, contemporary sociology, strongly influenced by the feminist and civil rights movements, has argued that family gender roles are converging and changing to accommodate shared responsibilities of employment, education, and parenting. In this letter I will demonstrate how Bales and you have not taken into account of how gender role specialization does not bring stability to the family and how fast social conditions change in family life that leads to no longer economically feasible to support a male breadwinner. I will incorporate…

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