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Having to take care of a family can be rewarding or difficult, I believe it 's all in the way you view things. The frustration can be due to the overwhelming day to day things that a family member may require. Some require 24-hour assistance... Along with the many things that a caregiver has to do for themselves each day. I can only imagine how much more difficult if they also had a family as well. I want to work with aging clients and their caregivers because aging clients can not advocate for themselves. I do understand that caregivers can become overwhelmed when having someone to care for around the clock. I would like to be a support system for aging clients and their caregivers to provide a safe a safe haven for both parties. Its important …show more content…
As an elder or ill individual, there is no better place to be than with your family. With people who love them. It a sense of feeling safe and happy. No one wants to leave this earth, and spend their last days on earth with a stranger in a strange place. As a therapist I think that knowing the family dynamic’s and family history would be pivotal when working with families. Knowing the family back ground and how the caregiver sees their situation will be helpful to know so that I can process how to help the family. Some questions I may have are; how do you feel about caring for your mom or sibling? Do you do things that exhibits self care? How is your relationship with your family? My world views can possibly encourage families to have a bit more self care. Its something I deem as very important. Life can throw us many curve balls and its super important to include self care as a daily or weekly habit. (Roberts, 2015) Self-care is important for your family and friends too. They learn from you, so setting functional boundaries to take care of yourself shows them that they too need to put themselves first and not overextend or overwork. Unhealthy relationships come about when you don’t take time for your needs. Working with grieving clients will be challenging to say the least. I do have some experience in that as well, I loss my dad ay 14. I do feel as though our personal experiences in life can help with helping others. I appreciate the things I’ve endured; I am now able to help someone to get through their

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