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Interest help me read
I live in a traditional Chinese family. I am the only child in our family because of the family planning. The family planning is a kind of birth control produced from government aimed to limit the population in China. I don’t have other brothers or sisters to play together and also I was too young to go to school. It means that I stay with my grandparents since the morning my mother went to work and she will pick me up when she finished work.

I really want my parents could spend time to play with me and never go back to work because I always feel bored when I was in my grandparents’ home. One day, my mom told me that I need to learn something so that I could adapt school life after entering school. At first, it’s attract
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First of all, I must say I was very, very dependent on my mother, when I was a young girl. Although she could not have much time to accompany me. Maybe it is because I can see her little time so I want to be with her all the time. So you can imagine how excited I was when mom told me that she wants to set up a “story time” in our family and I would be the only story teller for her. I seem to had some responsibility on my shoulders --- I was asked to speak a story every night for my mother! I need to practice to prepare to do a story teller. I started to take the initiative to open book to read every word thoughtfully and I often ask my grandpa some questions about pronunciation and meanings of some words. You see, interest is such a wonderful thing! Unconsciously appear, and then began to make you willing to pay for it. A whole day 's work makes every night of my story time full of beautiful memories: Happiness usually came with my mom to my room in my bedtime and she sitting on my bed, every time gently. I always remember that warm lamp shines inside her eyes, and she was just looking at me, very carefully listened to me. Whatever how late she went home she never broke this habit. Sometimes we laugh loudly because the story of the protagonist did some funny things; sometimes we will also feel angry about some bad roles. Now I am a big girl but I still very grateful to her for her listening. She is a great mom to guide me

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