Family Of Origin Paper : My Life

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Tannah Doub
Family of Origin Paper
Developmental Psychology
My Lovely Life
Looking back on my life, I’ve realized that in some cases I’ve had it easier than others but also much harder than others as well. My life started out pretty normal, born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. I was born at Wesley Hospital, to my mother Tiffany Shearhod, and my father John Doub III. Both of which loved together at the time off of 55th and Broadway on the corner, in a trailer. For as long as I can remember I lived with them. Then one day after a Christmas party, my dad decided to drive home after he had been drinking. This in turn caused him to get into a car wreck which ended up killing someone. He was sent to prison for 10 years. For those ten years, I went every weekend, once a weekend to visit him. I seen him in Winfield, Toronto, Eldorado, and then finally work release in Wichita. During this time my mother was in and out of my life on drugs. My grandparents have guardianship of me due to these circumstances. Which it has been for the better. They are basically my parents and I would do anything for them. During the years from age three to thirteen, I just did my best in school. I tried to keep my head high but it was hard when you see your peers with their moms and dads and you don’t have them you have your grandparents. I missed out on a lot because they were older so they didn’t want to deal with the other kids. During elementary school I was teased and bullied a lot because of my…

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