Essay on Family Of Origin And My Family

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Family, a familiar term that can be defined in various ways. Some may define family as a group of people who are related to each other by blood, others as people who care one another. The traditional definition of family is a intimate group of two or more people who live together in a committed relationship, care for one another and any children, and share activities and close ties. I would define a family as a group of two or more people who share an emotional bond with one another, by blood or not.
I will discuss my family of origin and my fictive kin. I have a single parent family; my father is a provider but does not live in the household. My family consists of my mother and my three siblings. My eldest sibling is a twenty-three year old male, second is a twenty-one year old female, and the third is a 16 year old male. My mother is originally from Haiti, moved to the United States in 1991 to pursue the “American Dream". She lived in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, where all her children were born. Majority of my family is made up of fictive kin, friends I’ve made throughout the years because most of our family is still in Haiti.

The theory that fits my family best is the Symbolic Interactionist theory. This theory focuses on the use of symbolic meanings that people develop and rely on in the process of social interaction. People’s perception on things, not reality. Being from Haiti, there are traditional dishes and ceremonies. One of the well known dishes is soup Joumou, it is…

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