Family: Norms And Patterns And Aspects Of My Family

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The members that make up my family that I grew up with include my mother (Nancy), father (Ray), and brother (Josh). I grew up on a family farm where my father works over 90 hours a week. When my brother and I were small, my mother was a stay at home mom. After we were in school she got a job in the school district as a special education aide. My father has a high school diploma, and my mother has an associate’s degree in accounting. Our socioeconomic status has been pretty steady my whole life, and we’ve been comfortable in the middle class. My brother is 23 and a graduate from UW-Milwaukee and he holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Since May, he has been living at home in Ripon and working in Oshkosh. He makes a very decent salary and does not pay rent, or contribute to other expenses at home. As for myself, I am attending UW-Oshkosh and work as a bank teller, and as a personal aide for an after school program. I have lived at home my college career to save money.
We are a traditional American family. I was raised through a Lutheran faith from baptism on. Both sides of my family actually attended the same church. The church was where
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He tries to make our family feel as normal as possible. He often “keeps a lid” on things because we do struggle as a family. Since my brother’s communication pattern is the blamer, my dad really tries to avoid the disruption of the family by anticipating what Josh will do or say next. My mom and myself often take on this communication pattern as well. On the days that the depression is really bad. We are very careful what we say around Josh and often have to save things we want to say until later when we can discuss when he is not around. Some situations he just does not handle well, and we have to tip toe around him. My parents will always agree with Josh, or apologize and try their best to please him and keep the peace in the

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