Family, Marriage, And Marriage Essay

706 Words Oct 19th, 2015 3 Pages
When someone hears the words ‘family’ and ‘marriage,’ they could have many different kinds of thoughts regarding the two topics. They’re the kind of words with definitions that are always changing because of how personal they are. People will think of their own experiences with the two, whether they are good or bad, but how often do they think about it from a different perspective? How often do they consider societal influence on our beliefs in what family and marriage are, or how diverse family and marriage truly are? Family life and marriage may seem like simple concepts on the surface, but each family contains some aspect that makes it unique; whether it be the amount of parents, the amount of children, or the type of people. Family, from a textual meaning, is a social institution found in all societies that unites people in cooperative groups to care for one another (BOOK CITE 1). In the most literal and wordy sense, this is completely true. Most people have their own definition of family, and, when you ask, (depending on the person), words like ‘love’ and ‘support’ are almost always used. To me, while you can’t control your parents or your siblings, real family is made of real connections of mutual love and support that lasts a lifetime. While this is all valid, anything that has been a constant within human society will undoubtedly form some kind of structure, one that changes throughout the passage of time based on that era’s culture and norms. For instance, when…

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