Family, Love, And Pain Essay

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Family, Love, And Pain Planning for life can be difficult when many unexpected situations can occur, whether you are ready or not. As a teenager, I gained the experience of love and pain all at once, yet I understood life goes on. When expecting news that might change your life forever, there can be a terrifying and exciting sensation. I lost my voice as the two little pink lines appeared on my pregnancy test. I found out that i was pregnant after my vacation in South Texas visiting my father. I had called my best friend to confide in her and gain the support I needed. Thus, my unexpected life began after I graduated high school and moved into boyfriend 's house, who is now my husband.
After confirming the news of being pregnant, at the age of 19, I felt an overwhelming sensation of horror and disappointment. The source of my overwhelming sensations came from my thoughts of having to tell my boyfriend and parents the life changing news. Although, it is frightening to tell my boyfriend the news of my pregnancy, I felt a greater fear from the thought of telling my parents. The fear I felt was not as intense because my boyfriend already had daughter of his own just before we met. When I told him the news, I can vividly see my boyfriend’s facial expression in my mind even now, his shocked smirk like and amazed jaw dropping reaction helped me relieve the stress I built up. Afterwards, the fear of telling my mother the news made me prolong telling her for three weeks. When…

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