Family Life In Russia Essay

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Lifestyle Russian lifestyle for centuries, has mostly been farming to earn a living. The main crops that are grown today are similar to those grown in past years, which include, wheat and barley, flax and oilseeds, and fodder crops. (bush, 2010) The production has been low because of old practices of farming that were mismanaged due to the land and resources during the reign of the Soviet Union. In the 1970s and 1980s, the higher-paid members of rural society earned money by using and repairing agricultural equipment. Farming today is hindered by a variety of policies from the government. (bush, 2010) The government has placed many restrictions on exports to deal with inflation, resulting in low prices for Grains and other products. For a limited number of the population new agricultural technologies and reclamation of land are leading to the recovery in Russia’s agriculture. New land ownership policies have (bush, 2010)provided possibilities for development in Russia.

Family Life Russian families are large in number and include more than just your typical parents and children. In the average Russian home you will have mothers, fathers, sister, brothers and even grandparents and aunts and uncles under the same roof. (, 2015 ) .Russian families communicate very closely with each other and
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(, 2008) Russia borders hold the record number of 14 countries touching them which is a figure presently matched by China. Beginning near the far southeast region of the country, on the coast of the Sea of Japan, China shares another small border with North Korea 17.5 km (11 mi). Moving west, Russia borders touch northeastern region of China3, 605 km (2,240 mi) and northern Mongolia 3,441 km (2,138 mi). (, 2008)The Russian land mass exhibits a wide range of geological features. In general, the western half of the country has of two large plains separated by the

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