Aubri Family Case Study

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Family History Aubri was born on November 23, 1999, she was born in Coshocton, Ohio. Aubri’s delivery was non-remarkable. Aubri was the first child born to Melody and Richard Chambers. Aubri’s parents divorced while Aubri was in kindergarten. Aubri her mother and little brother Jason Chambers moved to Arkansas when she was in the first grade. The family moved in with Aubri’s maternal grandmother Sharon Terry. The next year Aubri mother married Paul Brock and the family moved into a rental home. In 2009, a third child was born, Cayden Brock. That marriage lasted for almost three years. There were some emotional turmoil and violence during the last year of this marriage. Resulting in a divorce and a protection order that is still …show more content…
Aubri’s grandmother is getting married and she is allowing the family to move into her house. Melony Brock, Aubri’s mother works as a waitress. Financial burdens and divorces are the circumstances, this family finds themselves, therefore Aubri is forced to be the primary caretaker of her two younger brothers, Jason thirteen and Cayden eight years of age, from the time they get home from school until they go to bed. Aubri’s mother says the Cayden is autistic, but when I investigated there was no record of that diagnosis, nor is he receiving any accommodations for that syndrome. Aubri’s mother voiced how dependent she is on Aubri for childcare. However, she describes her relationship with Aubri as close and Aubri cares about her mother’s opinion of her. Aubri’s mother is supportive of Aubri’s acting aspirations however, she is not involved in her activities. She is doing the best she can with her living circumstances. A study in 2004, at Northwestern University determined than 75 percent of children that care for younger siblings do so for an average of 14 hours a week. They also found almost 27 percent of them are expected to prepare and serve meals, help with homework and tuck younger sibling into bed during the week (Roberts-Grey,

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