Essay on Family Life Cycle : Family Relationships

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Family Life Cycle The family life cycle stages theory describes “family relationships, goals, and routines that are differentiated by stages of development” (Morgan and Kunkel, 122). Many families share similar experiences of life events, such as marriage, child birth and retirement. After studying many individual cases of life events from different American families, sociologists David H. Olson and Hamilton Ii McCubbin came up with a theory explaining the shared experience of life events from different families, which is referred as “Family Life Cycle model” (Wood, 345). Although this model does not apply to all modern family types, such as child-free families and some of the families with same-sex marriages, it does a great job interpreting the similarities of life cycle for most of the traditional families. “Establishing a family” (Wood, 346) is the first stage of the family life cycle. During this stage, most couples have been in a stable relationship for a period of time. They have learned about each other’s interests, plans for life, and opinions about what a family should be like. Parties don’t attract them anymore and they are financially independent. The couple both express an interest of committing to a marriage. They become life partners. The second stage of the family life cycle is “enlarging a family” (Wood, 346). During this stage, new members are brought into a family, along with joys, challenges and conflicts. Having children changes the lifestyle of the…

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