Essay on Family Is The Original Nuclear Family Of Adults

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Family-of-origin is the original nuclear family of adults. This includes parents and siblings. In this assignment, I will be giving an introspective family autobiography. This will include an overview of my family life cycle, ethnic influences, celebrations and rituals, rules, values, stories, and philosophy of life. This family genogram will analyze a three generation family. Included in this genogram are my immediate and extended family members. It was divided into two parts. On the left side of the genogram is my mother’s side of the family and on the right is my father’s side of the family. A genogram key was created showing the five main symbols of the genogram: family, male, female, death, and marriage.
Significant Dates A significant date on my dad’s side of the family is when my grandfather was diagnosed with dementia in 2012. Mental Health illnesses run in my family, on both my mother’s and father’s side of the family. When my grandfather was diagnosed some of my immediate family members assumed his life was over. Thoughts to instantly put him in a Nursing Home or Mental Institute emerged. This had taken a toll on some of my family members and I only wish that counseling was an option to them. Greif and guilt are two factors that run heavily within this immediate family. I have noticed that in some parts of the African American community specifically where this side of the family is from, counseling is frowned upon. My dad’s side of the family does not agree…

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