Essay on Family Is The Most Influential Social Group

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Family is the most prominent social group that exists. Every parent is different and unique, where they have their own style of parenting. What one parent might feel is important another might differ. The importance of family involvement in a child development plays an important role. The parent is the childs first role model, children are like sponges , so whatever traits a child posses it is from what he or she observes, was taught or how they were treated by their parent, thus, the impression left on a child by their parent is an critical one. Parental responsibility starts after the birth of a child and plays a significant role on the child’s future. The quality of parenting can influence a childs development both negatively and positively. There are no set rules for parenting, however most parents develop their own parental style based on several factors. Some of these factors may be influenced by their own upbringings, things they have observed within their families, how they have been trained and society. The way in which parents respond and reprimand their children greatly impacts how they grow both socially and emotionally. Studies have shown that there different types of parental styles, however these style differ overall by cultural beliefs. “Culture guides parents’ belief about child discipline, behavior, management and control.”… ( Delores E. Smith, 2001). Ones overall surroundings/culture can have a vital impact on parenting styles and habits. Within every…

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