Essay on Family Is The Most Important Influence Of A Child 's Life

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Family is the most important influence in a child’s life. From the moment you are born you depend on your family for everything. Protection. Provision. Love. Your very first relationships are with your parents, your first loves are your parents.
When I was around three years old, my dad left. At the time my little brain didn’t understand what I did to make him not want me anymore or why he didn’t love my mom anymore. What could a daughter do but love her father so much he wanted to abandon her. After he left, my mom couldn’t afford our house anymore so we had to move in with my uncle. I don’t really remember much from that part of my life, but I remember my mom being depressed all the time, and I knew my dad was partly responsible for this, and I hated him for it. I just couldn’t comprehend why someone would want to do this to another person. She had been nothing but good to him and he deserted her. He had promised until death do us part, but he surrendered his love at the first sign of hardship. For this reason he made me furious. At around the age of eight or nine my parents got back together, but I could never forgive my dad for putting my mom through all of that. I always had this resentment towards him that wouldn’t go away. And he felt it too.
It was 2008 during hurricane season, with Hurricane Gustav well on its way towards Central. All of my sisters and I gathered at my house with their spouses and kids. There…

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