Family Is The Best Form Of Learning Essay

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Family Dysfunction

Learning by experiences is always regarded the best form of learning. This because the experience imparts an impact lesson in your life that you never tend to forget. Throughout my upbringing, there are some events that I have forgotten while others I still remember like they just happened. This is because of the type of experiences that came along with it. In the neighborhood that I was raised I witnessed such events that were disturbing and hard to forget. To begin with, it is understandable that poverty and drug abuse caused many families to fallout, the one who suffer the most are the innocent children. I vividly recall of such family in my neighborhood. A lot had happened for the family after the soul breadwinner and the father of the children had lost the job due to alcohol addiction. The mother of these children was a housewife and thus had no means of income. The genesis of the family problems began soon after the father was fired from his job. Slipped even further into alcohol abuse as well as the wife filling divorce.
I remember in between the tussle and all the activities, most times their children were deserted and left out to tend for themselves. Being an alcoholic, their father love for the bottle grew each day thus even forgetting the responsibility as a father and parent. The mother of these children soon after filing divorce unfortunately become ill and got hospitalized, thus totally leaving the children…

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