Family Is A Nuclear Family Essay

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Before my parents married, I was born. Meaning that I was born out of wedlock and my great-grandparents weren 't too happy about it. Neither of my parents were really ready to have a child, but they provided me with the best home possible. When I was about 3 my parents got married.When my parent’s first married we were considered a nuclear family. A nuclear family is defined as a couple and their dependent children. There is only 3 of us, my mom, my dad, and me. Unless you include my two dogs, three cats, and my snake. Other than that it 's just my parents and me. We 're a pretty normal family, we aren 't crazy and we love each other and support each other. Eventually, my uncle moved and we were then considered an extended family, because my Uncle Chad used to live with us. An extended family is defined as a family that extends beyond the nuclear family. The reason he decided to live with us is because he didn 't want to live with my grandma which was fine with me because I got to spend time with him. But eventually he moved out and my family became a nuclear family again. Years later, my other Uncle Jerry moved in with my cousins, Gabby, Ashley, and Lily. Some days they lived with us and others they lived with my aunt. But he also eventually moved out. Now currently my family is a nuclear family. I never got to have any actual siblings, but I do consider all eight of my cousins to be my siblings. We have always been close, especially growing up but even today we are still…

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