Family Is A Close Knit Group Of People Essay

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Module 1 Discussion

1) My definition of family is a close-knit group of people who genuinely care for one another. I say close-knit because I do not feel as though you need to be a blood relative to be considered family. Some of the people I consider to be my family, are close friends that I have known for a very long time.

2) I believe that the American Family is just changing, not necessarily for the better or for the worse. Back in the old days, a male and female couple would marry at a very young age. This was expected of them. However in today’s society, a large number of people are waiting until they are significantly older to marry. Also you no longer have to be a male and female couple to marry. Same sex marriages are not only legal, but they are common. This brings up another change to family: same sex parents. In today’s society, it has become normal to know someone who has two parents of the same gender. Are these changes to the American Family better or worse than before? Not in my opinion. As long as you are brought up in a family that cares for you and loves you, it should not matter how old or what sexual orientation they are.

3) I believe that a big difference could be made around child poverty if parents were to come up with some sort of a financial plan before having children. Even if the pregnancy was unplanned, the parents still have many months to come up with even the smallest of plans. They should figure out how much money they can set aside for…

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