Family Involvement In Education Essay

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“A Parent’s Perspectives on Family Involvement in the Education and Care of Young Children”

The purpose of this paper is to discuss a parent’s perspective on family involvement in early education and care of their young child. During this case study I used questions and interviews to collect information from parents of a child with autism currently in my classroom. During this study I found that the parents had a very interesting perspective on their child’s education and care as well as some good ideas on ways to work with their child inside and outside of the classroom. Family involvement both in home and at school matters for young children’s cognitive and social development. “Harvard Family Research
Project (HFRP) believes that for
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HFRP calls this network of supports complementary learning” (Family Involvement in Early Childhood Education). Research recognizes parent involvement in a child’s education is an important factor in their success in school. Joyce Epstein’s School-Family-Community Partnership Model has become an influential model in research on parent involvement in schools. This model shows that the relationship between home, school and the community should overlap. Where one stops the other takes over in educating children. The model has six types of educational involvement and encourages schools to develop activities that engages the school, family and community within …show more content…
Although the benefits of family involvement are well documented research shows that all too often when these programs are put into place staff is under trained, teachers and staff worry that parent involvement will add to their busy schedule, educators worry they will lose the power to make educational decisions, Families worry that their child would be punished for their involvement in school decisions ( With these barriers it is all too often that schools and home have miscommunications and lack of enthusiasm at family involvement within the school

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