Family History Narrative : ' A Simple Decision Can Change The World '

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Yunzhe Wang
Family History Narrative
“A simple decision can change the world”, this is a few things I learned from movies and fiction novels. But I know there are millions of children who are desired to move to the big city and to find a job to change their life. The same idea lasts from generation to generation. But it’s never an easy thing to do. There are many ways for people to accomplish their goals, like business and marriage, but these can sometimes become controversial. The only thing which never change and are respected by others, is education. I remember that I was told my grandfather is one of the example for this situation. So this time, I ask my grandfather a few questions to see if my memory is precise and also to get more details in his life.
I remember my dad told me that my grandfather is the first one in our family who gained the opportunity to learn knowledge and attend the best normal university in China at that time. So I asked my grandpa whether it’s true or not, so I started a video call with my grandpa. After I explained the purpose of this call, my grandpa laughed loudly and told me that his father was used to be a famous teacher in their town and became the head of financial department in our province for several years. So he is not the first one in our family. I was a little bit upset because the story will not be a milestone event in our family. As follows, I started thinking about changing the topic, I put up my head, and see through the camera…

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