Family Health Risk Assessment Essays

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Family Health Risk Assessment
Athena Farella RN, CVN
NURS 3200 Professional Nursing Practice: Health Promotion in the Community Kean UniversityProfessor Denise Van Sandt – Smith MSN, RN
Professor Ruth Gorrell MSN, RN
Professor Keddi Koovits, MSN, RN

The B family lives in Marlboro, New Jersey. They are a family of four leading a very busy daily routine. Through changes in family structure, work routines along with an increase in daily activities of the children Mr. and Mrs. B family express concerns about finding ways to incorporate nutrition, health and exercise into their daily routines. They are meeting with a nurse through in home visits to learn ways to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle. The B family, through
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Mrs. B has rheumatoid arthritis which she has been taking medication for as well as seasonal allergies. M.B. is forty-one years old white male. He is five-foot ten inches tall and weighs two hundred and ten pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes. His nails are clean and his hair and clothes are neatly worn. His BMI is 30.1 and he is considered obese by the standards of the National Health Institute for his height and weight. Mr. B has elevated cholesterol in which he takes medication to help lower his cholesterol daily. Mr. B graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in business and owns his own charity business which requires frequent traveling across the east coast. Mr. and Mrs. B have two Children. N.B. is their first child. He is sixteen years old white male. He has brown hair and blue eyes like his father and his attire and appearance is slightly disheveled as he just came home from soccer practice. N.B. has attention deficit disorder diagnosed at age five. He currently takes medication to help anxiety and control behavior. He is very active in soccer in his high school as well as a private soccer academy. He plays soccer seven days a week between both soccer programs. H.B. is thirteen years old white female. She has long brown hair and brown eyes like her mother. Her nails are short and her appearance is clean and well groomed. H.B. has asthma and allergies since infancy in which she currently takes medication for as well. Her

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