Family Health Assessment Essay

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Family Health Assessment Using Gordon’s functional health patterns to assess a family will guide the nurse in developing a comprehensive nursing assessment that is holistic in nature. Gordon’s functional health patterns are founded on 11 principles that are incorporated within the nursing practice. These 11 principles serve as a framework for a thorough nursing assessment in which to build a holistic and individual family care plan (Grand Canyon University, 2011). The author has developed family-focused questions for each of the 11 principles and utilized these questions as a tool to assess her own family. This paper will summarize the family assessment that was performed by the author and discuss two wellness nursing diagnoses that …show more content…
Also living sixty five miles from a grocery store can have its downfalls when it comes to keeping fresh produce available at all times. The family does however have adequate access to food storage and refrigeration and has a large pantry and several deep freezes.
The family that was interviewed consists of a husband, wife, a daughter, who is two and a half, and a son, who is nine months old. In saying this the sleep/rest patterns of this family can vary depending on illness, teething, and the two year olds mentality; however it is pretty typical that the family gets eight hours of sleep at night, and the children nap once during the day. Both parents are involved in deciding when it is time for bed, but the family lacks in having a strong bed time routine, with a set bed time. The family’s BM schedule is normal and there are no concerns with diarrhea or constipation. The family strongly believes in the importance of staying active and is able to do so by working on the ranch, but the family lacks in a routine of regular exercise. The family’s children typically watch less than 2 hours of television per day and many days do not watch any television. The author generally decides whether medical attention is necessary after assessing the situation and discussing with her husband, except for in the case of her husband, in which he holds out as long as possible before seeking medical attention. Some factors that contribute in health care

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