Family Health Assessment Essay

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Family Health Assessment
Melody Moore
Grand Canyon University
Instructor: Renita Holmes
May 10th 2013

Family Health Assessment
A comprehensive family assessment provides a foundation to promote family health (Edelman&Mandle, 2011).Gordon’s functional health patterns is a method developed by Marjorie Gordon in 1987 in which she proposed functional health patterns as a guide to establishing a comprehensive data base.(Kriegler&Harton,1992).Gordon’s eleven functional health patterns are;1)Health perception/values, 2)Nutrition, 3)Sleep/rest, 4) Elimination, 5)Activity/exercise, 6) Cognitive, 7) Sensory perception, 8) Self perception, 9) Roles/relationships, 10) Sexuality, 11) Coping. By using these categories above
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Both children report no issues with elimination. Activity and exercise assessment is focused on the activities of daily living, exercise and leisure activities (Kriegler&Harton, 1992).Dad is unemployed so keeps up with the yard work and some housekeeping, but has no formal exercise regimen. Mom works long hours on night shift so feels she has no time for an exercise program as this would eat into her sleep hours.
Both children are active with school sports such as football, cheerleading, volleyball and track. On weekends sometimes the family will go camping or kayaking. The family has a pool which Mom uses daily when the weather permits. Cognitive and sensory perception is the assessment that focuses on the ability to comprehend and use information and on sensory function (Kriegler&Harton, 1992). Dad has a GED but no higher education, he is a USMC veteran of the Vietnam War, and he is a well read individual with above average intelligence. Mom obtained her nurse education overseas and is currently studying for her BSN. Neither have any memory problems buts Dad’s mom had Alzheimer’s so this worries him. Both children are average students with no aspirations to go to college at present. Mom wears contact lenses, Dad wears glasses, and both children have no sensory deficits. Dad is also slightly hard of hearing related to his military career. Self perception

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