Family Health Assessment Essay

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As a nurse, it is important to remember the family has an important role in the paradigm of health promotion for the patient. The roles in which the family plays in assisting the patient and providing care are crucial to the health of the patient and the well being of the family as a whole. One tool to assess not only a patient and their views on different aspects of health, but an entire family or even community is Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns. This assessment tool incorporates eleven topics of health patterns. Health patterns of families evolve and are influenced from environmental interaction, developmental, cultural, biological, social, and spiritual factors. It is imperative to understand all patterns, as one pattern cannot be …show more content…
The next topic the family was interviewed on was sleep/rest. The family all has different sleep schedules. The mother of the new baby has interrupted sleep during the night and may be able to take naps during the day. One of the family members works nights, which lowers the quality of sleep and decreases the amount of sleep received. Some of the members have sleep schedules that are consistent and don’t change even on weekends or days off of work. The family has four nurses, a stay at home mom, and a retired grandpa. All of the jobs are very active jobs and require a large amount of activity. The family members are very active and visit the gym on a regular basis. Everyone in the family is able to carry out the activities of daily living. The next topic is cognitive. This includes education levels, communication, and mental status. All of the family members are educated in the lowest level college. The communication is open, honest, and has a sarcastic tone when the family is in a group setting together. The children obviously communicate differently, not only with each other, but with their parents and other family members. The newborn is not able to communicate verbally, but by instinctual nature. The next topic is sensory-perception. This includes pain issues, vision, and hearing. There is no chronic pain or hearing issues in the family

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