Essay about Family Has Changed Over Time

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The cool summer breeze softly shakes the leaves of the tall oak trees in the park. The grass is bright green and freshly cut. Many people are standing in line at Peety’s Ice Cream Stand debating on which flavor to choose. There is one group of four that appears to be standing together waiting for their turn. This group includes an older male, assumed to be the father, an older female, assumed to be the mother, and two teenagers who are assumed to be the children of the two adults. What’s the first word that comes to mind? Most people would think “family.” In the dictionary, ‘family’ is defined as “a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children.” The real question is, has family always been defined as this? Throughout many years, the meaning and value of family has drastically changed over time. In general, during the Stone Age, family was based on an economic partnership and means to preserve power. Eventually family turned into being based on ‘traditional’ values and today it is based on ‘contemporary’ values. Way back in the Stone Age, marriage wasn’t based on how much each spouse loved one another. In a lot of cultures, the parents would usually choose who they thought would best suit their family and would be the best addition for keeping their family’s economic value preserved. They didn’t care who they thought their daughter or son was in love with or had strong feelings for. That was not what marriage was about. According to The Week Staff, “In the…

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