Family Functioning: Kinship Caregiver

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Family Functioning
Kinship caregiver health (physical, mental and emotional of each kin caregiver

Ms. Norman stated that she has no health issues nor does she take any medications. She stated that her last checkup was over a year ago. Ms. Norman reported no other health, emotional or mental health issues and stated that she has no disabilities that will prevent her from caring for the children. This interviewer indicated that on a previous home study she was reported to having bipolar. Ms. Norman stated that she never diagnosed with bipolar. She stated that she was going to through a depression due to struggles in her marriage in her marriage. She stated that she went to talk to a professional about her issues, but was never prescribed
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Norman stated that she has the ability to take care of the child and that does not anticipate any problems arising. She reported that the child and her mother resided with her prior, without any problems developing.

Ms. Norman does not own any firearms and none were located in the home. Ms. Norman stated that she understands the importance of water safety regarding recreational activities, such as in a swimming pool and bathtub safety. She stated that age appropriate supervision will be provided at all times and confirmed that she has the ability to respond if an emergency occurs. Ms. Normanalso stated that she will make sure that the child understands the importance of water safety and will teach him how to respond to an emergency. She also stated that she will never allow her to play in a swimming pool alone and will monitor her during bathing.

Safety, related to Child issues

Ms. Norman stated she will adhere to the guidelines set by DFPS and ensure that the child is properly supervised, which includes no association with prohibited individuals as designated by CPS. If a situation does arise which police assistance is needed, she confirmed that she will not hesitate to contact authorities. She stated that she will confer with the CPS caseworker to see what guidelines of visitation are permissible if
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Norman temporally prior. Ms. Norman stated that she is not aware of any medical or behavior issues that of the child. She stated that the child is not enrolled in school currently due to his age. Ms. Norman stated she is confident she has the ability to meet the child’s needs such as medical, dental, therapeutic, social or academic needs. Ms. Norman stated that she would seek the assistance of her daughter, Larussia Norman when applicable.

Dealing with child who have been physically, sexually abused and/or neglected:

Ms. Norman stated she would be sensitive if it was found that the child was subjected to any additional abuse or neglect beyond her knowledge. Ms. Norman reported that she was a victim of abuse as a child and understands the importance of addressing a child’s needs whom have been subjected to any. Ms. Norman stated that she has no knowledge of the child ever been physically abused or neglected outside their current reasoning for current placement. She reported she does not intend on any behaviors, developing, but if one does; she would seek appropriate professional assistance to help with the behaviors.

Relative Support System

Needed supportive

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