Family Focused Health Assessment Questions - Lou Ann Lake Essay

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Family Focused Health Assessment
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August 11, 2013

Family Focused Health Assessment
As the society we live in continues to transform, nurses need a comprehensive tool to assess family’s health patterns. Family units are influenced by environment, biological, mental, social and spiritual factors. Assessing these areas for health promotion and disease prevention will take all of these influences into consideration (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). A priority to a family focused health assessment approach is to adequately question, assess and examine these areas. A tool to assist a family health assessment using a family focused approach is Gordon’s 11 Functional Patterns. This paper will use these 11
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Values and beliefs, as discussed previously, are daily observed in their home. They attend church weekly and volunteer time as needed with youth programs. Pictures of Jesus are spotted throughout their home along with Christian themed quotes.
Sexuality patterns were discussed, older in their years reproduction is not discussed. Mrs. Lake states she does necessary annual exams for preventive health, as does Mr. Lake. Mr. Lake states they have a family history of prostate cancer; therefore annual screening for this is essential.
Role and relationship pattern was discussed with both agreeing the being a husband, wife, father and mother are the important roles in their life. Role models have been other family members, or co-workers. Mr. Lake states he is anxious about his role of being a provider. Since moving to Arizona he has not been able to find satisfactory work, which lowers his feeling of self-worth. Discussion was made to focus on the future and continuing to move forward with his job skill and trade. This also plays into self-perception and self-concept, observation of Mr. Lake shows some hesitancy to make goals and search for better employment. His body language shows hesitant eye contact, and slouched posture. However, his wife is very supportive and stands by his side for support.
Cognitive and perceptual patterns were discussed with Mrs. Lake stating she has college education with a desire to return to school to further her

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