Family Farms And The Great Gatsby Essay

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Family farms have been around for many centuries in America. My family’s farm has been in our family since the 1940’s and was started by my late great-grandfather, Howard Daugherty. He was the backbone to our now 4th generation family farm. Throughout the years, from when he started the farm up until I was born there have been many struggles. Although there have been many hardships, our family farm has been in our family throughout the years. With the high demand for bigger, better and more technologically advanced equipment, communication has become increasingly easier on the farm.
In the 1940’s when my great-grandfather started our farm, the price for crops in Oklahoma was very low. This made it very hard to make a living but for some reason he managed to make do with what he had. In this day and time family farming was not a business like it is today, it was more of a way of life and a means of survival. In that time period, he grew a series of crops ranging from peanuts, cotton, maize, alfalfa, and lastly wheat. It was a struggle to grow crops in this specific time period because they were getting out of the dust bowl. Although this was a big downside of growing in this time period there was still years that the crops were lush and taller than ever. This was towards the end of the 40’s when the economy was picking up and when business was booming. By 1970, he was struggling to keep the farm running. This is due to the economy not doing so good, and because of the fact…

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