Family, Ethnic Experiences And Education Essay

891 Words Nov 9th, 2014 4 Pages
In this interview I have found out about an individual’s point of view about family, ethnic experiences and education in South Korea. Seung Joo Lee, 17 years old, a very close friend of mine. She is from South Korea and have been living in the United States since April, 2010. She has two siblings, one older sister who is in college and one younger brother who is in middle school. Seung Joo and her family are like the traditional Koreans you basically know. They are the ones who bow their head whenever they enter the house or whenever they see an elder. In addition, although they might have lived long enough in the US to blend in easily with the crowd, she still has this Korean delicacy that has never faded away. I knew for a fact that it is because her parents taught her the Korean manners that she had brought with her, also because she was raised in Korea. Additionally, Seung Joo said “we talk in Korean language at home”, the reason being is because his father believes that even though she is living in America, and their house is one thing that may separate them with the American way. She stated that the culture in the U.S is way different from the culture in Korea, because of the many complicated rituals and traditions that are used to honor the memory of the dead in Korea. Furthermore, she left Korea because of her dad’s work as a Scientist, while her mother is a housewife. One of the most memorable for me is when I came over to her house and her mom cooks me some…

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