Family Essay: Love, Friendship, And Support

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If you look up family in the dictionary, you will get several definitions that ranges from adults and children to a local business such as a family ran newspaper. Today I am going to write about what family means to me: love, friendship, and support. I am going to tell you my views from a baby, child, young adult, middle-age adult, and as a senior adult. Most people think of a family as a father, mother, and children, but I say your family is the people who surround you with love, friendship, and support your entire life. I am going to give you my point of view from all stages of life, and I hope that you will see how your family grows and declines as you age. I believe that we are all born into a family, and in most cases we have our …show more content…
These are the years when your parents become smarter. Your parents become more like friends, but they still remain your parents. During these years we start losing grandparents, but most people have gain a spouse and children. Hopefully, we all have jobs and have developed friendship with our co-workers, and most of us will become members of a church, some type of organize club, or other groups. Even though you probably have lost natural family member, your family is growing in numbers with co-workers, organize groups, or other ways, and they will give you love, friendship, and support during tough times. During these years your family will be big until your start to reach your senior years. By the time you reach your senior years, the relationship that you have with your parents will change. The relationship with your parents will begin to grow, and you are the one that begins to show the love, support, and friendship. You have begun to start taking care of your parents. Also during this time, you will retire from work and will lose family members called co-workers. Although you still have the friendships with your organizational groups, your family is on a decline and will continue to

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