Family Environments And School And Friend Influence On School

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Text Concepts (Family Environments and School & Friend Influence on School) Family environments and the way a family operates can have a huge influence on how well adolescents do in school. The standards and expectations that parents set for their children have proven to have influence in that the children with higher expectations usually have higher grades, while the children whose parents have low expectations usually have lower grades (Arnett p. 289). Arnett tells us that the parents who have higher expectations are often times more involved in school-related activities in and outside of the classroom. These parents who are so involved in school and their children’s academic achievement may have an authoritative parenting style with high demands but also have a high responsiveness. The high demands and high responsiveness are almost like a balancing act. The high demands and expectations give children the expectations that they reach for while the high responsiveness allows them to feel comfortable going to their parents if they are struggling in a certain area.
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Our textbook says, “Several studies have found that in high school, friends’ influence is greater than the influence of parenting practices in a variety of school-related ways: how consistently adolescents attend class, how much time they spend on homework, how hard they try in school and the grades they achieve” (Simons-Morton & Chen, 2009). The influence of friends is similar to the influence of parents in that if a child had friends who strive to do well academically they will follow the example of their friends and also work hard towards their academic achievements. The high achievers are more likely to do well academically and are more likely to attend college than those who are low achievers (Arnett p.

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