Family Dynamics Essay

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Family Dynamics
The family dynamics of the TV show “Married with Children” depicts a dysfunctional, but yet understanding between each family member. Their daily interaction with each other would suggest lack of communication that is taken seriously in the family unit. The husband (Al- Bundy) and wife (Peggy Bundy) presented a disconnection between the two of them steaming from the dysfunction in their marriage. Al Bundy attitude towards his wife appeared to be one with lack of an intimate and emotional connection. Peggy Bundy appeared to have an unconditional love for her husband, but seems to be missing the love that she wants from her husband. Their relationship seemed to be functionally dysfunctional as they move through their
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Family Function
The Bundy family goals are not presented as a family unit but more as individual goals. For example Peggy wanted a new pair of shoes but there was a problem with the kitchen plumbing, since Peggy’s goals was the shoes, she spent the family money on shoes instead of the plumbing that needed to be fix. The resolutions of conflict seem to be obtained through avoiding the issues at hand. Because Al is the sole provider there is an intense amount of strain on him to take care of his family and his contempt for his family environment only adds to the stress and strain that he feels. Just as with the shoes Peggy purchased Al condescension only intensified because her decision put the family plumbing problem on hold due to her not being responsible with the family finances. Situations that Peggy and Al put their family through with their lack of communication and healthy interactions, has caused some adverse childhood experiences in their children lives. Adverse childhood experiences have been linked to a range of adverse health outcomes in adulthood, including substance abuse, depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and premature mortality (Control,

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