Analysis Of Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson: Family Dynamics From Speak

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Family Dynamics from Speak It could be said that the closeness between a child and their guardian provides the basis of our understanding of right from wrong. In the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, the main character, Melinda Sordino, is a freshman in high school. Over the summer something very terrible happened to her which caused her to slip into a deep state of depression. Her parents should have noticed their little girl was hurting. The family dynamics described in this book were not helping Melinda in anyway. They were hurting her. Having a strong family bond helps one in life by teaching examples that lead us to be productive citizens.
Her past kept haunting her. Every waking moment the painful thoughts flooded her mind. Melinda is a beautiful girl with a horrible secret. Her parents were too caught up at work to notice the pain their daughter was suffering. After school, she comes home to her bed strongly
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They were always dry and peeled to the last layer. This is another sign that she had a self image problem. As she way laying in her bed she could vaguely see her face in the mirror set up across the room. She does not like what she see so she takes the mirror down and places it in the back of her closet the mirror side facing the wall. (Page 16) High school life can be busy and overwhelming so most students have a safe place. Melinda’s was the old janitor’s closet. Sometimes she would spend hours upon hours in there skipping class or sleeping. (Page 50) It was hard for her to sleep at home. Stealing and using late passes to get out of class just because she did not want to be there with every eye on her. At lunch she was sitting with Heather and Andy walks up and put his hand on the back of her chair and leans over to the table. As this is happening Melinda is so scared to the point of holding her breath. No one paid attention to how she acted. Terrified. No one cared. (Page

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