Family Dinner And Family Dinners Essay

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For many years, home cooked meals have brought families together. The typical idea used to be that the mother prepared dinner and the family sat at the table and ate together. Today, fewer families are actually eating together. There are many advantages and disadvantages of families eating together. Family meals contribute to communication skills, self-sufficiency, healthier eating habits and many other important aspects of our everyday life. People must learn the importance of family gatherings. There is no such thing as being too busy. Family dinners are what holds a family together. It signifies a bond. Family dinners are helpful for improving communication skills. In the article, “Turn Mealtime into Healthy Family Time”, by Natalie McGill she stated “shared meal experiences can improve family communication and connect them at all stages of life”. All family members in a household can get together and enjoy a meal without awkwardness. Once everyone gathers together they will begin to develop or enhance their conversation skills. Being able to express yourself is important to a child’s development. A lot of children suffer with being able to explain their thoughts and feelings, but being able to sit with their family everyday will give them practice. In the letter, “The Importance of the Family Dinner”, by George K. Fritz he stated “Talking, connecting, sharing their [family members] lives are as crucial to sustaining a family as is food, and during…

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