Family Development And Life Cycle Theory Essay example

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In order for my parents to be comfortable with me meeting with my biological parents, we needed to have a serious discussion before and after the meeting took place. Before I met with my biological parents, my parents and I discussed the reasons why I wanted to meet my other parents. According to the Family Development and Life Cycle Theory, my family was in a time of transition. I was seventeen and was going off to college next year, which put my family at a crossroad. Collins et al. comment on one of the needs of families with teenagers, which is, “Dealing with teen demands for independence through appropriate boundary adjustments” (2013, p.110). I saw my parents doing this by making the decision for me that I needed to wait until I was at least sixteen before I could make the decision on my own. They knew that this was when I would reach the point where I was old enough to do so. They showed the adjustment to me becoming older and needing to be independent. I told them that I felt it was something I had to do; I needed to meet the people that I came from. As much as I felt that my adoptive parents were my real parents, the other set had a different kind of meaning to me. I do not think there is a way to remove the feelings that a mother has from their child; I needed to see if this was true with my own mother. After I got home from the dinner with my biological parents, my family sat me down again to talk and debrief after the huge event that took place. I had…

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